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Individual Prizes and Fellowships

Julius Axelrod Prize

Axelrod Prize recipient honored at Neuroscience 2013.

2013 Julius Axelrod Prize awardee Joseph T.Coyle, MD with SfN Past President Larry W. Swanson, PhD.

The Julius Axelrod Prize, supported by the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, honors a scientist with distinguished achievements in the broad field of neuropharmacology (or a related area) and exemplary efforts in mentoring young scientists.

Recipients receive a $25,000 prize and complimentary registration, transportation (economy air or ground), and two nights hotel accommodations for the SfN annual meeting. The SfN president presents the prize at a lecture at the meeting.

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Julius Axelrod Prize Selection Committee

ChairpersonTerm Ends
Guoping Feng, PhD
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
David Bredt, MD, PhD
Janssen PRD
Peter Jeffrey Conn, PhD
Vander Univ Med Ctr
Michela Gallagher, PhD
Johns Hopkins Univ
Sten Grillner, MD
Karolinska Inst
Julie A Kauer, PhD, BA
Brown University
John E Lisman, PhD
Brandeis Univ
Erin M Schuman, PhD
Max Planck Institute For Brain Research