Environmental Commitment

SfN Building

SfN’s headquarters building in downtown Washington, DC, has received Gold LEED certification for its energy conservation and environmental commitment.

Environmental responsibility is an integral part of SfN’s business decision-making.

Environmental responsibility is an integral part of SfN’s business decision-making. 

SfN has made an explicit commitment in its Strategic Plan to fulfill its mission in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible fashion, including minimizing SfN's environmental footprint through energy efficiency, recycling, and other initiatives, and being mindful of the broader impact of its day-to-day practices, decisions and actions.

Examples of SfN’s environmental commitment include: 

  • Sustainable architecture and construction in its corporate headquarters
  • Environmentally conscious printing practices, such as use of recyclable paper and vegetable-based inks in publications
  • Wind power for 100 percent of energy use in the headquarters building, plus filtered taps and automatic faucets and flush devices
  • Motion sensors to ensure that lights are off in unoccupied rooms
  • Energy Star certified appliances and copiers
  • Moving toward digital presentation of information 
  • Prioritizing the use of mass-transportation at the Society’s annual meeting, including buses, trains and subway systems
  • Adding more online resources, events and training as the Society expands its programmatic work 
  • Hosting SfN’s annual meeting at convention centers in Chicago, San Diego, and Washington, DC, with a strong commitment to supporting and encouraging sustainable practices

SfN has been recognized with a number of awards for its energy conservation and efforts, including Gold LEED certification for its headquarters building and offices.

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