SfN now offers regular peer review training sessions via webinar for SfN members on Neuronline. eNeuro Editor-in-Chief Christophe Bernard explains the decision in this eNeuro editorial. Read an excerpt from the editorial below:

Two webinars are already available, and more are in preparation. The originality of this approach is to use real world examples. We select a paper that has been published by eNeuro. After registering, trainees can download the first submitted version of the paper, and work on it using general guidelines we provide. During the webinar, we disclose the comments of the actual reviewers, along with the dialogue established between the Reviewing Editor and the reviewers, until they reached a consensus. You can then compare your own review with the synthesis of the reviews that was sent to the authors. Our second webinar in this series focused on how to peer review a modeling paper, while our first webinar provided a more general introduction on how to peer review a manuscript.

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