Art of Neuroscience

Exhibit Artwork at Neuroscience 2015

Spread the word! Artists who create brain- or neurological-inspired pieces should consider participating in the annual Art of Neuroscience exhibit in Chicago. Come see these unique and interesting pieces inspired by the wonders of neuroscience. Read more about what to expect here!

Location: McCormick Place, Hall A
Hours: Saturday, Oct. 17 – Wednesday, Oct. 21, 10 a.m.–4 p.m.


2015 Art of Neuroscience Exhibitors 

Lia Cook -

Description of Artwork:

Lia Cook, professor at California College of the Arts, is an artist who combines her fine art work, woven faces, with research into Neurasthenics and her artistic response to the laboratory experience. She has woven together Diffusion Spectrum images of the neural connections in her brain with early photographic images of herself and work. Lia’s work is in the collections of the Smithsonian Museum of Art, MOMA NY, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and National Gallery of Australia among many other national and international museums. 

Booth #1

Justin Knight -

Description of Artwork:

Justin Knight’s science-inspired art borrows from the fields of cognitive neuroscience and quantum physics, among others. His work aims to reflect the noise and static that is ever present in life, while offering informative depictions of the mechanisms of implemented by the brain and nature to provide silvers meaning of life. Layering sketches, photographs, and mathematically-accurate graphs, he creates mixed-media pieces with vibrant colors that exist at the crossroads of art and neuroscience.

Booth #2

Shane Eaton -

Description of Artwork:

Shane Eaton is a Master’s student in neuroscience studying nerve regeneration. Taken from experiments with neuronal cell culture, his photographs showcase the natural beauty of neurons in their innumerable variety. Reaching out with their intricate, branching processes, they take on striking and evocative shapes—no two are alike!

Booth #3

Michele Banks -

Description of Artwork:

Michele Banks is a painter and collage artist whose work is inspired by science. Her paintings have been exhibited at AAS and NIH and featured on the covers of books and scientific journals. Her artwork has been featured by The Scientist, Scientific American, and BoingBoing, and Wired, among others. She sells her work on etsy and writes weekly articles about art and the science at the Finch & Pea.

Booth #4

Audrius Plioplys MD FRCPC  -

Description of Artwork:

For 40 years, Audrius has been both a professional artist and a neurologist-neuroscientist. For 27 years he has been a member of SfN. His artwork is neo-conceptual: a metaphorical investigation of thinking and consciousness. With 39 individual exhibits and 94 group shows, his works are displayed in museums, universities, and major art collections internationally. He has transformed the artist’s studio into a neurobiology research laboratory, merging neuroscience with art.

Booth #5

H. Kathleen Childress Designs -

Description of Artwork:

At the intersection of science and art, there is an extraordinary story to tell. The Synapse© series of fine jewelry interprets the timeless beauty and organic appeal of neurons...designed for the neuroscientist and those who love the hidden chemistry that defines us. You can express your personal message in earrings, pendants, cufflinks, rings, necklaces, cuffs, and more crafted in sterling silver and 18kt gold with natural gemstones. Designed by H. Kathleen Childress, Graduate Gemologist, and hand fabricated by Jasper Kegge, Dutch goldsmith.

Booth #6

Greg Dunn Design -

Description of Artwork:

Dr. Dunn draws from his neuroscientific knowledge to create brain-inspired art that is heavily influenced by the Asian aesthetic. Greg brings the scientific method into his studio, creating clean fusions of art and science and developing new techniques to illustrate important scientific concepts. He will have gold leaf paintings, prints, scrolls, and a new style of art called microetchings available for sale at his booth.

Booth #7

For exhibiting artists, the exhibit prospectus contains all of the pertinent information needed to participate in this art exhibit.

Email with questions.