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Global Advocacy Programs

SfN works with the international neuroscience community on various advocacy issues.

SfN works with the international neuroscience community on various advocacy issues.

SfN is committed to working with the international research community to build support for scientific research.

For example, SfN provided support to the Canadian Association for Neuroscience in its successful multi-organizational effort to establish a brain research fund in Canada, an effort that led to $100 million in Canadian government funding devoted to brain research. SfN has also worked to expand advocacy efforts in Mexico through Sociedad Mexicana de Neurociencias y Neurobiologia and Sociedad Mexicana de Ciencias Fisiológicas.

Advocacy programs currently underway in Europe are implemented through the FENS-SfN Advocacy Grants Program, and through programs of the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO).


FENS Committee on Animals in Research

The Committee on Animals in Research (CARE) of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) promotes public education about the use of animals in neuroscience.  CARE monitors the development of European legislation on the use of animals in biomedical research, makes contributions to the efficient implementation of that Directive.  CARE also provides expert advice on animal research issues, provides support for researchers under attack, and responds to questions/ opposition against research.

Other global advocacy tools are available through IBRO’s Global Advocacy Initiative or FENS.


Global Advocacy Programs in Canada

Global Advocacy Programs in Mexico

Advocacy News

Slow Recovery for Embattled Spanish Research Agency

Mar 06, 2014

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) has released a new report revealing plans to combat years of eroded research activity and a dwindling workforce.

UK University Pledges to Change the Culture of its Animal Research

Feb 03, 2014

Imperial College London, one of the UK's leading universities, outlined a "wholesale reform" of the ethical review and governance of its animal research, following criticisms last year.

Inside Animal Research Facilities at Oxford

Feb 03, 2014

Oxford University has opened its doors to the BBC to allow them to film animals in its research facility.

Thousands of Italian Scientists Protest Strict Limits on Animal Research

Dec 16, 2013

Scientists in Italy have petitioned lawmakers to revise a measure that sharply restricts the use of animals in scientific research.

Support the Defense of Non-Human Primate Research in Belgium

Dec 02, 2013

The Belgian government is petitioning the European Commission to allow it to forbid addiction research on nonhuman primates in Belgium and possibly stop non-human primate research completely.

Air France Defends Transport of Lab Monkeys

Oct 23, 2013

Air France defended its transport of live animals for laboratory testing, saying it complies fully with international regulations governing the carriage of such animals.

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