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The Exhibit Guide is distributed to all annual meeting attendees. Attendees refer to the Exhibit Guide during and long after the meeting. Attendees are much more likely to visit an exhibit space based on an ad detailing how your product or service can improve their work.

  • Advertising deadline: August 4
  • Ad materials deadline: July 31

Submit all advertising materials to:

  • Via email: advertising@sfn.org (Subject line: "2015 Exhibit Guide Materials")
  • To submit advertising materials via the SfN meetings FTP site, email advertising@sfn.org for instructions (Subject: "2015 Exhibit Guide Advertising Materials FTP Site")
  • Society for Neuroscience, Attention: 2015 Exhibit Guide Materials
    1121 14th Street, NW, Suite 1010
    Washington, DC 20005 USA
  • When submitting materials, complete the Exhibit Guide Advertising Form for your materials. Always submit a PDF file following the guidelines and specification below.
  • Rates: Black and white and color ads are the same price in USD. Ads submitted as “black only” are converted to process black.

Exhibit Guide Rates:

Ad Type


Box Ad (black/white only)

$350/per inch
Additional charge if not camera ready. Box ads are inserted within the text of the alphabetical exhibitor list.

Full-page color


Half-page color


Quarter-page color


  • Preferred positions are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Note:  You must also purchase the above ad (full page or half page)

Exhibit Guide Preferred Advertising Locations

Rate (upcharge)

Guide Ads -1 - Cover 2 - (inside front cover)

$2,103.75 (SOLD)

Guide Ads -2 - Page 1

$2,103.75 (SOLD)

Guide Ads - 3 - Page facing welcome page

$420.75 (SOLD)

Guide Ads - 4 - Page facing table of contents

$701.25 (SOLD)

Guide Ads - 5 - Split with table of contents (1/2 page only)

$266.50 (SOLD)

Guide Ads - 6 - Page facing about the exhibit hall

$420.75 (SOLD)

Guide Ads -7 - Split with about the exhibit hall (1/2 page only)

$266.50 (SOLD)

Guide Ads -8 - Page prior to program overview

$420.75 (SOLD)

Guide Ads - 9 - Page facing company index


Guide Ads - 10 - Page facing product index


Guide Ads - 11 - Page facing publication index


Guide Ads - 12 - Split with publication index (1/2 page only)


Guide Ads - 13 - Split with advertisers index (1/2 page only)


Guide Ads - 14 - Page prior to floor plan

$2,103.75 (SOLD)

Guide Ads - 15 - Cover 3 (inside back cover)

$2,103.75 (SOLD)

Guide Ads - 16 - Cover 4 (back cover)

$2,805 (SOLD)

  • Online Purchase/Payment: Ad space for the Exhibit Guide must be purchased online and can be done at the time of requesting booth space or at a later date by logging into your online account beginning February 24 (11:00 a.m. EST) and complete the Order Additional Space/Item contract. Once logged in, click on “Exhibition Contract” link and select “Order Additional Space/Items.”

  • Payment of total advertising cost must accompany the Exhibit Guide advertising application. Placements are assigned on a first come, first served basis, based on when order applications/payments are received. Applications are processed once payment is received in full.

Guidelines and Specifications:

  • Page size: 8.5” x 11”
  • Inks: Four-color process, no additional spot colors 
  • Stock: Coated
  • Bindery: Perfect bound
  • Content: The Exhibit Guide is a widely-used tool by meeting attendees to navigate the exhibit hall. Preceded by a brief introduction about the exhibit hall and an overall schedule for the meeting ("Program at a Glance"), the publication is organized into four sections:
    • Company index
    • Product index
    • Publication index
    • Advertisers index
    • The publication also includes a map of the Exhibit Hall.
  • Color Specifications: All “spot colors” other than standard process inks must be created using appropriate color builds of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Convert all colors to CMYK.
  • Placement Policy: Ads are interspersed throughout the publication, and SfN reserves the right to place ads wherever space is available. Preferred Location placement requests will be honored; preferred location rates apply. Box ads are placed within the text of the alpha exhibitor listing. 
  • Technical Requirements: Typography/Rules--Rules less than 4 points and small type under 7 points (san serif), 12 points (serif) or smaller should be created using black only. Fine serif, such as Bodoni, should be black at 14 points or smaller. Use of san serif type is recommended. 
  • Digital Production Requirements:
    • Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"
    • Full-page ads must include 1/8" bleeds on all sides
    • PDF files are accepted exclusively. Embed all fonts. All color ads must be in CMYK mode; RGB, LAB, spot or indexed modes are not acceptable. Black and white ads must be in gray-scale mode; RGB, LAB, spot, or indexed modes are not acceptable. Make sure all knockouts and overprints are properly set. Ads submitted digitally will print as submitted. SfN will not make any adjustments to color, ink, overprint, knock outs, fonts, text content, image densities, or ad layout.
    • Proof and check all PDFs for accuracy prior to transmission; For color files, proof and check all color separations.
    • Confirm that all ads are the correct dimensions
    • Convert text used in a logo to outline graphics
    • Do not use super blacks, rich blacks, CMYK blacks, or process black for text
    • Embedded images must be CMYK or grayscale TIFF or EPS no less than 300 dpi. Do not nest EPS files into other EPS files
    • PC or MAC application files for digital ads are not accepted

Ad Sizes/Dimensions

Ad Size


Full page, no bleed

7" x10"

Full page, with bleeds (include 1/8” bleeds on all sides)

8.5" x 11"

Half page horizontal

7" x 5"

Half page vertical

3.5" x 10"

Quarter page

3.5" x 5"

Box Ad (black/white only)

3.5" x 1"

  • Ads should be prepared to exact size specifications. Ads will be billed at the size submitted.
  • Exhibit Guide Advertising Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received by May 1 will result in a charge equal to 25 percent of total cost of order. Cancellations received between May 2 and June 26 will result in a charge equal to 50 percent of total cost of order. No refunds granted after June 26. Refunds are not granted for Exhibit Guide preferred locations.

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If you have questions, email amsales@sfn.org or call (202) 962-4000.

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