2018 Exhibit Space Sales


 2018 Exhibit sales are open until October 6, 2017.

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Available for Neuroscience 2017 Exhibitors Only

SfN's annual meeting consistently delivers quality leads, motivated buyers, and the maximum ROI. Take advantage of the exclusive opportunity to purchase 2018 exhibit space and advertising before the competition.

If you have not secured your exhibit space for Neuroscience 2017, purchase it today to be eligible for 2018 advance sales. To purchase your Neuroscience 2018 exhibit space, contact us at exhibits@sfn.org.

Only Neuroscience 2017 exhibitors will be sent login information for Neuroscience 2018 via email.

View the Neuroscience 2018 Exhibit Prospectus and Floor Plan.

Important Floor Plan Information

A few things to consider when reviewing the area of your booth requests:

  • Entrances will open at noon on Saturday and at 7 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday for poster presenter setup only. Poster sessions are open for all attendees at 1 p.m. on Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday.
  • Assignments are not made until November 13–15 and are based on priority points, not when the application is received.
  • See below key for layout of the floor plan. Unfortunately, this must be followed as we have a very tight move-out schedule. If you will not be able to move out of the certain areas by the time frame, please do not request to be in these areas.

 Purple Area Island booths are not permitted in this area, only 10 x 10 booths. You will need to be
completely finished with packing, labeling, and ready to ship out by 11 p.m., Wednesday, November 7.
Empties will start arriving to booths at 6 p.m. 
 Green Area You will need to be completely finished with packing, labeling, and ready to ship out by 2 p.m.,
Thursday, November 8. Empties will start arriving to booths between 6–8 p.m.
 Orange Area All booths permitted in this area. Empties will start arriving to booths between 8–10 p.m. You will
need to be completely finished with packing, labeling, and ready to ship out by 4 p.m., Thursday, November 8.
Empties may take a little long in this area as the purple and green areas will need to receive empties first.

Advanced Sales Process

  • Only 2017 exhibitors (commercial exhibitors) are eligible to purchase exhibit space on-site during the meeting.
  • Appointments will be scheduled and exhibit space will be assigned in priority point order, not by the date and time application is received. 
  • Exhibitors have three options for selecting exhibit space:
      1. Sit down on-site with SfN Exhibits staff (November 13 – 15, appointment times are based on priority points, not the date/time application is received).
      2. Call in during appointment time.
      3. Have SfN make your exhibit space selection based on your exhibit application selections.
  • On-site appointment times will be sent to exhibitors Wednesday, October 11.
  • Assignments will be held on-site on Monday, November 13, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Tuesday, November 14, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.; and November 15, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • A 50 percent deposit for purchased space is due December 15, 2017.
  • Deposits not paid by deadline will result in exhibit space being released the week of December 18, 2017.

Meeting Location, Dates, and Fees:

San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA
November 3 - 7 (Meeting) 
November 4 - 7 (Exhibits)

Exhibit Space Fees

Fees include:

  • 8 feet high (2.5 m) back drape and 36 inches high (91.44 cm) side rail
  • Single line text identification sign showing the exhibiting company and booth number
  • Complimentary registration (includes sessions) for seven booth personal per 10 x 10 booth


Booth Categories 

Fees (US $)

By May 4

After May 4

Commercial Inline 10’x10’ Booth



Commercial Corner 10’x10’ Booth



Commercial Island Booth per 100 sq. ft.*

Additional Island Booth Benefits
• Island booths may hang a sign over booth.
• Company name printed in booth on all published floor plans.

*Note: Exhibitors who wish to create their own island booths will be charged the full cost of all booths deleted as a result.



Nonprofit (Universities and Associations)
Inline or Corner 10’x10’ Booth



Institute (NIH, NSF/US Government Agencies only)
Inline or Corner 10’x10’ Booth



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First-Time Exhibitors

Never exhibited at an SfN annual meeting? Learn how to exhibit at the meeting for the first time.

Questions? Email exhibits@sfn.org.