Neuroscience in the News

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The Simple Reason Exercise Enhances Your Brain

Source: TIME

A research review published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, examined the link between exercise and cognitive abilities among middle aged adults.

People Whose 'Brain Age' Is Older Than Their Real Age More Likely to Die Early

Source: The Guardian

Neuroscientists are studying the health problems that plague those with "older" brains. 

Mystery Human Species Homo Naledi Had Tiny but Advanced Brain

Source: New Scientist

It's not the size of the skull that matters, but how you use what's inside.

How The March For Science Finally Found Its Voice

Source: The Atlantic

After a quiet start, the demonstrators grew louder as they drew closer to Capitol Hill—mirroring the long arc of the protest itself.

‘Pacemaker’ for the Brain Can Help Memory, Study Finds

Source: New York Times

Stimulation delivered to the brain in the right place at the right time can lead to improvements in memory.