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Artists 'Have Structurally Different Brains'

Source: BBC

Artists have structurally different brains compared with non-artists, a study has found.

Off-Season May Not be Long Enough for Football Players' Brain Health

Source: FOX News

The time between football seasons may not be enough for players' brains to recover from hard hits to their heads during games and practices.

To Quash Depression, Some Brain Cells Must Push Through the Stress

Source: Los Angeles Times

what does psychological resilience look like inside our brains, at the cellular level?

Sichuan Pepper's Buzz May Reveal Secrets Of The Nervous System

Source: National Public Radio

Researchers wanted to know if the buzz from eating Sichuan peppercorn is connected to the tingling you feel when your foot falls asleep.

Apathy Could Signal Brain Shrinkage in Old Age

Source: USA Today

A new study suggests that as people age, they should be aware of symptoms of apathy, which may indicate a decrease in brain volume and possible brain disease.

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