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The Society for Neuroscience can assist reporters with finding background information, resources, and experts in the field to provide context to emerging science.

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The Society for Neuroscience is the world’s largest organization of scientists and physicians devoted to understanding the brain and nervous system.  Learn more about the field, SfN’s mission, and what we do.

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Access scientifically vetted resources, multimedia, and background about brain science at The site is dedicated to sharing knowledge about the wonders of the brain and mind, engaging the public in dialogue about brain research, and dispelling common "neuromyths." A public information initiative of The Kavli Foundation, the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, and the Society for Neuroscience, is a resource for the general public, policymakers, educators, and students of all ages.

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Science Fair Project Ideas

Source: Science Buddies
Get engaged in neuroscience with a variety of hands-on science experiments on a number of brain-related topics.
What is Fear?

The Chemistry of Fear

Source: American Chemical Society
What happens in the brain when we are frightened?

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Brain Barrier Opened for First Time to Treat Cancer

Source: New Scientist

The breakthrough will allow drugs to reach diseased areas of the brain that are otherwise out of bounds.

Scientists Pinpoint Why Some People Are ‘SAD’ in Winter

Source: TIME

Difficulty regulating serotonin may explain why some people suffer from season affective disorder (SAD), according to new research.

See-through Sensors Open New Window into the Brain

Source: Medical Xpress

Developing invisible implantable medical sensor arrays, a team of engineers has overcome a major technological hurdle in researchers' efforts to understand the brain.

Halting Schizophrenia Before It Starts

Source: NPR Shots Blog

An intervention program draws on research suggesting that schizophrenia unfolds much more slowly than might be obvious, even to families.

Myths about the Brain 'Hamper Effective Teaching'

Source: The Telegraph

Research published today suggests that widely believed myths about neuroscience are being used to justify classroom practice that has "no educational value".

News from SfN

SfN Member Wins Lasker Award

SfN congratulates the recent co-winners of the 2014 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award, SfN member and neurologist Mahlon R. DeLong and neurosurgeon Alim Louis Benabid.

Message From the President: What's Next for Senior Scientists

In the changing landscape of opportunities in neuroscience, how can senior scientists approaching retirement stay involved in science in some way?

Annual Meeting Preview: Optimize Your Time at Neuroscience 2014

Neuroscience 2014 is an unparalleled venue for the sharing and discussion of neuroscience research.

SfN Wins Board Governance Award

The Society for Neuroscience received one of two honorable mention awards in the 2014 Prudential Leadership Awards for Exceptional Nonprofit Boards.

Inside Neuroscience: Scientists Investigate Underpinnings of Social Behavior

During a press conference at Neuroscience 2013, researchers described the ways the brain evaluates interactions with others, copes with sudden changes in social hierarchies, and responds to social stress.