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Neuroscientist Teacher Partnership

For SfN members:

Educators, students, and members of the general public need your expertise. If you are a neuroscientist or completing graduate studies in neuroscience, SfN can pair you with educators who could use your help.

Sign-up with the button on the right to have your contact information appear on a database of members interested in education outreach, and volunteer to be contacted by a teacher or community group near you.

For Educators: How the Program Works

Find neuroscientists in your community who are ready to help you teach about the brain.

  • To arrange a classroom visit by a neuroscientist, search for local neuroscientists. Send an email or call individuals to schedule a visit. Make requests as far in advance as possible.
  • The neuroscientists are members of the SfN. Most have a PhD or an MD, but some are graduate students. Any neuroscientist SfN connects you with has expressed an interest in establishing partnerships with teachers and students. Some have been giving presentations to students of all ages for many years, whereas others arenew to it. SfN offers training at its annual meeting to prepare neuroscientists to bring neuroscience to students.
  • Most neuroscientists do not charge for school visits, but discuss this with the neuroscientist prior to the visit. You may, for instance, be responsible for providing students with project materials that tie into the presentation.
  • Some presentations last an hour. Some are longer. Neuroscientists may want to establish partnerships with a classroom that lasts for several weeks or even months Circumstances vary depending on the arrangements made between you and the neuroscientist.
  • Each neuroscientist is responsible for presentation content. Teachers and neuroscientists should communicate before each presentation to confirm the content.

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