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E-Newsletter of the Society for Neuroscience | April 11, 2014


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In the News
Alzheimer’s Tests on the Horizon? — National Geographic, April 7, 2014. Read this story and others.

This Week in The Journal
The Journal of Neuroscience is the Society's official publication and contains the latest research from throughout the field.


SfN remembers the scientific contributions made by its members.

Gifts in Memoriam
Honor a deceased loved one or colleague through the SfN Memorial Fund.


• To submit items for publication in Neuroscience Nexus, contact or (202) 962-4000.

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SfN Spotlight

Register for the Neurobiology of Disease Webinar
Registration is open for the first-ever Neurobiology of Disease Webinar. On May 6, from 3-4 p.m. EDT, faculty from the sold-out 2013 Neurobiology of Disease Workshop will offer an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using iPSCs technology. Speakers will discuss their research and be available for Q&A. Reserve your seat today.

Undergrads Eligible for Neuroscience 2014 Travel Award
SfN and the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) cosponsor a travel award to honor an outstanding undergraduate student active in neuroscience education and outreach. The award includes complimentary registration to the SfN annual meeting and a $750 stipend to offset travel expenses. FUN Brain Awareness Travel Award applications are due June 9. Additional SfN awards for young scientists are also available online.

Abstract Submission Opens April 17
Contribute to the scientific community at Neuroscience 2014 by sharing your research. Prepare to submit your abstract by reviewing the rules for submission and presentation of a scientific abstract or Theme H abstract. Give yourself plenty of time to submit your abstract and avoid the stress of submitting at the last minute. Note that abstract submission opens April 17 and closes on May 8, at 5 p.m. EDT.

Membership & Chapters

Get Involved – Sponsor a Deserving Student
Looking for a way to get involved in the Society, help the field, and start the career of a young neuroscientist? Encourage students to join SfN — their professional home — and become their sponsor. Sponsor a deserving prospective member by providing them your Member ID number when they apply. Help grow the future of the Society and the field – get involved in SfN.

Education & Advocacy

From The Journal: Gene Therapy Improves Limb Function Following Spinal Cord Injury
Delivering a single injection of a scar-busting gene therapy to the spinal cord of rats following injury promotes the survival of nerve cells and improves hind limb function within weeks, according to a study published April 2 in The Journal of Neuroscience. The findings suggest that, with more confirming research in animals and humans, gene therapy may hold the potential to one day treat people with spinal cord injuries. Read more in SfN’s press room.

Brain Awareness Video Contest
Communicate your science in a creative way by submitting a video to the 2014 Brain Awareness Video Contest. Engage with the public about neuroscience – increase understanding, inspire passion, and encourage future neuroscientists. Not feeling artistic? Work with your institution's art department, a local school, or other community group to submit a video. Top videos will be featured on and, and showcased at Neuroscience 2014. Submissions are due June 12. Learn more at Spotlight: Does Practice Make Perfect?
The old adage “practice makes perfect” has been applied to many kinds of learning, from high school chemistry and creative writing to music and sports. While experts debate the type and length of practice that is optimal for success, one thing is clear: training improves performance and changes the brain, writes Carolee Winstein of the University of Southern California in response to the latest Ask an Expert question on

From The Journal: Processing New Information During Sleep Compromises Memory
New research appearing in the April 9 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience highlights the important role sleep plays in strengthening and maintaining the accuracy of a memory, and hints at why the brain shuts out sensory information during periods of deep sleep. The study found that introducing new odor information to an animal while it sleeps compromises its ability to remember the difference between new and previously encountered smells while awake. Read more in SfN’s press room.

Prepare for World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week
World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week is set to take place April 19- 27. Be mindful of the potential for increased animal rights activity during this time. Visit to get information about support for researchers and institutions, steps researchers should take, and SfN’s policies on the use of animals in research.

Professional Development

Now Accepting Applications for the Seventh Africa Teaching Tools Workshop
The seventh Africa Teaching Tools Workshop, a joint initiative of SfN, IBRO, and The Grass Foundation, will take place in Kinshasa, DRC from September 6-11. This year, the course will focus on developing teaching modules based on the topic “Fundamentals of Neuroscience.” The school course and content is designed for junior faculty members on the African continent who are currently involved in teaching neuroscience, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, or a related discipline. For more information about the workshop and how to apply, visit IBRO Africa Teaching Tools.

Featured Resources on Educational Resources in Neuroscience
Educational Resources in Neuroscience (ERIN) on provides hundreds of high-quality resources identified and reviewed by SfN members. The lab manual “Laboratory Manual for Neurophysiology” includes 9 experiments for an advanced undergraduate course in neurophysiology. Log in to ERIN to write a review for an existing resource or to submit one of your own.

Apply for the New Latin American Training Program
SfN, with support from The Grass Foundation, is pleased to announce the launch of the Latin American Training Program. This comprehensive, yearlong online program begins in August, and provides a unique training opportunity for late graduate students and early postdoctoral fellows from across Latin America and the Caribbean region. Check out for more information about the course and how to apply. Applications close on April 30.

Awards Available to Young Neuroscientists
Nominations for awards honoring outstanding young neuroscientists are currently being accepted. Awards are offered for original and creative research; research in an international setting; outstanding PhD thesis in behavioral, molecular, genetic, or cellular neuroscience; and for an outstanding young neuroscientist who has recently received an advanced degree. Email with questions. Nominate by May 7.

Annual Meeting

Prepare for Neuroscience 2014 Abstract Submission
The Abstract Topic Matching Forum on NeurOnLine is open and active. Take time now to log in and start discussions to find colleagues with similar research interests, create linking groups, and post replies to current messages. The Abstract Topic Matching Forum is a great way to prepare for next week’s Neuroscience 2014 abstract submission.

Browse Products from the Neuroscience 2013 Exhibit Hall Online
You can still search the database by exhibitor name, booth number, or keyword. The online list of Neuroscience 2013 vendors is broken down by nearly 150 unique product categories on My Neuroscience Marketplace.

Across the Field

Promote your neuroscience event information to a broad audience by sharing it on the calendar of global neuroscience events. Take a look at online submission guidelines and review the calendar of events for timely, member-submitted information about awards, trainings, meetings, and events globally.

The USA Science & Engineering Festival is a grassroots effort to advance STEM education and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. It will be held in Washington, DC on April 26-27. Pre-registration is available online, as are volunteer opportunities, and planning options for school groups.

MIT’s EyeWire has teamed up with FEI and Visually to launch a “Scale of the Brain” Infographic Competition. Entries should visualize spatial scales in the brain. First place wins cash and a trip to MIT for recognition. The submission deadline is April 30.

As part of the U.S. Brain Research Accelerated by Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative, NSF is seeking Early Concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER) proposals with the potential to transform the analysis of brain function underlying behavioral and cognitive processes. Applications are due May 1.

The Bioinformatics & Pharmacogenomics: Managing and Analyzing Big Data Conference will be held June 19-20 in San Diego. Register by April 19 to receive a 20 percent discount on registration fees.