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Videos: A (Very) Close Look Inside the Zebrafish Brain

Source: National Geographic Phenomena Blog

Eric Betzig of HHMI’s Janelia Farm Research Campus reports a new technology that dramatically sharpens microscopic images of neurons in a zebrafish.

Brain Tumor Risk Higher for Teens Who Stop Growing Later

Source: LiveScience

Teens who take longer to reach their full height may be at increased risk for certain types of brain tumors later in life, a new study suggests.

Pressure Sensors to Help Prevent Pain for Amputees

Source: BBC

Researchers have developed a new type of pressure sensor - dubbed a "second skin" - which they say could prevent dangerous sores.

Gene Linked to Alzheimer's Poses a Special Threat to Women

Source: NPR Shots Blog

A gene associated with Alzheimer's disease appears especially dangerous to women and may be one reason that more women than men are diagnosed with the disease.

Unhappy Marriages Due to Low Blood Sugar?

Source: Science

A new study suggests that low levels of glucose in the blood may increase anger and aggression between spouses.

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