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Children explore a brain.
The Greater New Orleans Chapter hosted a Brain Awareness Week event at the Children’s Resource Library. Graduate students Benjamin Siddoway (holding brain) and Hongtian Yang explain the brain and its structure to aspiring neuroscientists and parents.
Brisbaine High School Brain Bee
The Brisbane, Australia Chapter was a recipient of a chapter grant in 2012. The chapter used the funds to support the 2012 Queensland Brain Bee Challenge Final. Pictured are team chapters, Jackson Huan, Mary Wu, Harish Murugesan and Jessie Binns, from the Queensland Academy of Science, Mathematics, and Technology, with Professor Linda Richards (left) and Professor Perry Bartlett (right), the director of the Queensland Brain Institute.
Chapter Activities
The Eastern Carolina Chatper hosted a tour in Stefan Clemens’ laboratory for Rep. Walter Jones. Rep. Jones, who supports federal funding for traumatic brain injury research, is looking here at a spinal cord preparation that is used in the lab to study neural function and the effects of injury. SfN chapters, who build relationships with policymakers, are spearheading grassroots efforts to advocate for neuroscience research funding.
Chapters further SfN's mission by providing members with the opportunity to make an impact at the local and regional levels.

SfN has more than 150 local chapters around the world, including 47 U.S. states and dozens of countries worldwide. Chapters are essential to advancing understanding of the brain and nervous system among the neuroscience community and the general public.

SfN Chapters:

    • Help members broaden their knowledge by hosting scientific lectures, poster sessions, and workshops.
    • Foster networking for students, academics, researchers, and other professionals to exchange information, research, and neuroscience career opportunities.
    • Provide opportunities for neuroscientists to educate and inform the public about the importance of neuroscience through outreach activities. Chapters host outreach events such as Brain Awareness Week, Brain Bees, and more. 
    • Are critical to the success of SfN advocacy and animal research activities. Chapters can host laboratory tours and invite local policymakers to see the benefits of research firsthand.
    • Have access to funding, including chapter grants and awards and travel awards to help them in their efforts.

    Locate a chapter near you or start a new one. Already an SfN chapter member? Start networking and sharing insights on NeurOnLine or help grow the chapter by using the information in Chapter Resources.

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