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Study: Brain Abnormalities Found in 40% of SIDS Cases

Source: TIME

The unknown cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) could be a brain abnormality, a new study suggests.

Prolonged Marijuana Use Linked with Brain Changes

Source: Discovery News

Using marijuana daily for four years or longer may be related to certain changes in the brain, according to new research.

Four Weird Ways Animals Sense the World

Source: National Geographic

Creatures like crabs, butterflies, snakes, and octopuses sense the world in unusual ways.

Neuroscience of Taste: Chef's Creations Delight the Senses

Source: LiveScience

For Bryan Voltaggio, cooking is about creating a memorable experience. It starts even before a person tastes the food — with the sights, sounds and smells that build anticipation — and culminates with the experience of tasting flavors that call to mind a familiar setting.

These Optical Illusions Trick Your Brain with Science

Source: WIRED

More than 1,000 UK schoolchildren voted a book about optical illusions as the winner of this year’s Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize for science.

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