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SfN’s tools and resources make it easy for members to get involved in advocacy, engage with their national policy leaders, and stay informed on major funding issues.

SfN provides a wide array of resources on public funding of neuroscience. 

Watch SfN's advocacy webinars; read about current events in the U.S. and internationally; learn about annual funding priorities and processes; then take action using SfN advocacy tools.

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Mindyerbrain Researchers

Source: Mindyerbrain

Learn about topics like plasticity, memory, and brain development from the researchers who study them in this video series. Web Resource

Knowing Neurons

Source: Knowing Neurons
Explore the fascinating field of neuroscience, with approachable articles that emphasize the importance of fundamental research in neuroscience.

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Graph of NIH funding history adjusted for Biomedical Research and Development Price Index (BRDPI) as determined by NIH Office of Budget.
Advocacy: A Global Commitment

Learn how SfN works with the international research community to build support for scientific research and why you should get involved on a local level.