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Advocacy Network

Person taking notes at at an advocacy event.
Global Advocacy Symposium panel at Neuroscience 2013
SfN members convene on Capitol Hill to meet with their congressional representatives to discuss advances in the field of neuroscience.
SfN members play a critical role in the fight to increase research funding and promote science issues.

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The SfN Advocacy Network helps members stay informed and take action on the many issues that affect neuroscience research. As a part of the network, members receive periodic emails and newsletters to keep them updated on issues important to neuroscience. Additionally, SfN alerts members of the network when direct action is needed on a topic.

Advocacy News

This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

Oct 17, 2014

- Ebola vaccine would likely have been found by now if not for budget cuts: NIH Director
- NIH director, Sen. Roy Blunt discuss research funding in medical school visit
- Scientists caught in Chinese anti-corruption sweep
- Breakthrough replicates human brain cells for use in Alzheimer's research
- Scientists find cells self-repair the brain after stroke
- Distinguished South African Professor Tebello Nyokong on science, education and innovation
- How to ensure ethical animal testing
- Revealed: EU science chief promised to be "flexible" towards Israel's war crimes

NIH Seeks $4.5 Billion for BRAIN Initiative

Jun 13, 2014

In early June, NIH embraced a long-term vision for President Barack Obama’s BRAIN Initiative by calling for a decade-long $4.5 billion investment in NIH’s portion of the project.

Policy and Advocacy Events at Neuroscience 2014

Sep 08, 2014

Interested in science policy and advocacy? Consider attending these events and start planning your itinerary.

Webinar Recording Available: Communicating Your Science to the Non-Expert

Jul 25, 2014

Learn how to develop a short but informative way to communicate your research to a non-scientific audience and read the Twitter conversation that accompanied the webinar.

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