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Advocacy Network

Person taking notes at at an advocacy event.
Global Advocacy Symposium panel at Neuroscience 2013
SfN members convene on Capitol Hill to meet with their congressional representatives to discuss advances in the field of neuroscience.
SfN members play a critical role in the fight to increase research funding and promote science issues.

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The SfN Advocacy Network helps members stay informed and take action on the many issues that affect neuroscience research. As a part of the network, members receive periodic emails and newsletters to keep them updated on issues important to neuroscience. Additionally, SfN alerts members of the network when direct action is needed on a topic.

Advocacy News

This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

Sep 19, 2014

- House votes to arm Syrian rebels; CR passes
- Senate approves Obama's Syria plan in funding bill
- Too few university jobs for America's young scientists
- Scottish independence: Scotland to stay in UK
- If you give a mouse a human speech gene, it learns faster
- How your brain actually makes decisions while you sleep
- Prominent US academics reprise plea for more basic research to fuel innovation
- Seven reasons Congress must reauthorize America COMPETES

Policy and Advocacy Events at Neuroscience 2014

Sep 08, 2014

Interested in science policy and advocacy? Consider attending these events and start planning your itinerary.

Sept. 12, 2014 - This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

Sep 12, 2014

- House Republicans unveil bill to fund government until December
- Science research funding lags for local universities
- New public resource to help researchers explore country-specific requirements
- Former Portuguese banker gets top European research job
- U.S. science suffering from booms and busts in funding
- Brainy processing at your fingertips
- EXCLUSIVE: Nature reviewers not persuaded by initial STAP stem cell papers
- Science cuts 'fiscally irresponsible', Boyer lecture biologist says
- Air France accepts responsibility - without animal transports the European research space will be significantly disrupted
- Diversity in STEM: what it is and why it matters Blog: Funding Research with Ice Buckets and Coffee Money

Sep 02, 2014

A new post on the blog by Dwayne Godwin details why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, while staggering in its success, is not a substitute for government funding for research.

Webinar Recording Available: Communicating Your Science to the Non-Expert

Jul 25, 2014

Learn how to develop a short but informative way to communicate your research to a non-scientific audience and read the Twitter conversation that accompanied the webinar.

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