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History of Neuroscience

The History of Neuroscience reveals the field's evolution to present day. The work of neuroscience pioneers has produced vital knowledge about the brain and nervous system that is advancing today’s science and improving health outcomes.

As with any scientific endeavor, more knowledge has produced new mysteries. For that reason, The History of Neuroscience not only informs understanding of the past and honors progress, but also becomes part of a living story of scientific inquiry and sets a course for future discovery and progress.

SfN maintains this historical material as a resource for neuroscientists and the public. While not comprehensive, the documents chronicle the struggles and accomplishments of a still-young field and highlight major achievements and advances. Most of all, this information conveys the rigor and passion with which neuroscientists pursue scientific discovery.

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*This chapter from The History of the APS: The First Century, 1887-1987 is used with permission from the American Physiological Society.

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