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An attendee explors the annual meeting app on their mobile device.

Oct 28,2014

Access Abstracts, Daily Books, and More on Your Mobile Device

Access the science at Neuroscience 2014 on your mobile device with the tools SfN provides online and in the convention center in Washington, DC.

Bryan Voltaggio, noted chef, restaurateur, and Top Chef contestant.

Oct 27,2014

Dialogues Between Neuroscience and Society: Food for Thought

At Neuroscience 2014’s Dialogues Between Neuroscience and Society Lecture, noted chef Bryan Voltaggio will discuss how he experiments with flavor to transform the way his guests think about food.

Public Advocacy Forum at the SfN Annual Meeting

Oct 27,2014

Public Advocacy Forum: Implications for Science Funding

The Public Advocacy Forum at Neuroscience 2014 will focus on the implications for science funding in an era of global brain initiatives.

Oct 24,2014

This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- Neuroscientists speak out against brain game hype
- The absurd claim that only Republicans are to blame for cuts to Ebola research
- New antidepressant: Rapid agent restores pleasure-seeking ahead of other antidepressant action
- See-through sensors open new window into the brain
- Brain scans show cause of seasonal affective disorder
- "I’m not a scientist" is a dangerous cop-out
- Jeffrey Kahn's odd views on animal research

SfN member and neurologist Mahlon R. DeLong and neurosurgeon Alim Louis Benabid, recent co-winners of the 2014 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award.

Oct 21,2014

SfN Member Wins Lasker Award

SfN congratulates the recent co-winners of the 2014 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award, SfN member and neurologist Mahlon R. DeLong and neurosurgeon Alim Louis Benabid.

SfN President Carol Mason

Oct 20,2014

Message From the President: What's Next for Senior Scientists

In the changing landscape of opportunities in neuroscience, how can senior scientists approaching retirement stay involved in science in some way?

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Oct 20,2014

SfN Wins Board Governance Award

The Society for Neuroscience received one of two honorable mention awards in the 2014 Prudential Leadership Awards for Exceptional Nonprofit Boards.

New neurons in adult hippocampus chart.

Oct 20,2014

Inside Neuroscience: Scientists Investigate Underpinnings of Social Behavior

During a press conference at Neuroscience 2013, researchers described the ways the brain evaluates interactions with others, copes with sudden changes in social hierarchies, and responds to social stress.

Poster floor at the SfN annual meeting.

Oct 20,2014

Annual Meeting Preview: Optimize Your Time at Neuroscience 2014

Neuroscience 2014 is an unparalleled venue for the sharing and discussion of neuroscience research.

Oct 17,2014

Summer Council Round-Up

At its annual summer meeting in early August, SfN Council focused on long-range and strategic planning.

High school students from 17 countries compete in the International Brain Bee.

Oct 17,2014

Students Compete in International Brain Bee

Students from around the world traveled to Washington, DC, in August to compete in the International Brain Bee, a neuroscience competition that encourages secondary school students to learn about the brain and pursue education and careers in the sciences.

LATP Fellows Humberto Mestre of Mexico and Jose Prieto of Uruguay take turns viewing lab slides during the 2014 LATP Fellows Course in August in Mexico.

Oct 17,2014

LATP Provides Young Neuroscientists With Valuable Professional Development Opportunities

Fifteen neuroscience trainees from Latin American and Caribbean countries traveled to Querétaro, México, in August to participate in a three-week course as part of SfN’s new Latin American Training Program (LATP).

Oct 17,2014

Oct. 17, 2014 – This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- Ebola vaccine would likely have been found by now if not for budget cuts: NIH Director
- NIH director, Sen. Roy Blunt discuss research funding in medical school visit
- Scientists caught in Chinese anti-corruption sweep
- Breakthrough replicates human brain cells for use in Alzheimer's research
- Scientists find cells self-repair the brain after stroke
- Distinguished South African Professor Tebello Nyokong on science, education and innovation
- How to ensure ethical animal testing
- Revealed: EU science chief promised to be "flexible" towards Israel's war crimes

Christophe Bernard, editor-in-chief of eNeuro

Oct 17,2014

Q&A: eNeuro - An Innovative, Open-Access Publishing Venue for Excellent Science

Christophe Bernard is serving as the first editor-in-chief of eNeuro, SfN’s new online, open-access journal.

Oct 11,2014

FENS and SfN Issue Joint Statement on Non-human Primate Research

Following recent attacks by extremists against scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tubingen, Germany, the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) and the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) have released a statement.

Oct 10,2014

Oct. 10, 2014 - This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- Nobel Prize in medicine awarded for discovery of brain’s ‘GPS’
- Microscope work wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry
- Europe’s brain project is ‘back on track’
- Marmosets are stars of Japan’s ambitious brain project
- The BRAIN Initiative and Grand Challenge Scholars
- Glut of postdoc researchers stirs quiet crisis in science
- A glimpse into the inner workings of the 3D brain: Researchers build computer models to explore how memories form
- How do you make Republicans care about animal testing? Anthony Bellotti has a plan
- A call to those who care about Europe’s science

A poster is presented at the SfN annual meeting.

Oct 09,2014

NSP Receives Continued Funding From NINDS

The Society for Neuroscience will receive funding from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke through July 2019 in support of its award-winning Neuroscience Scholars Program.

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Oct 09,2014

Neuroscience 2014 Lecturer Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Stefan W. Hell, a joint winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, will give a special lecture during Neuroscience 2014.

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Oct 06,2014

Neuroscientists Win Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

SfN congratulates John O´Keefe, May-Britt Moser, and SfN Council member Edvard I. Moser, the winners of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Oct 06,2014

Animal Research Ethics Discussion to Focus on UW Anxiety Study

An open discussion of animal research ethics focusing on a particular program employing monkeys in the study of anxiety and depression will be held at University of Wisconsin-Madison.