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Jul 25,2014

July 25, 2014 - This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- Republicans prep short-term funding to keep government open through Election Day
- Government must double funding for innovation to compete, admits Vince Cable
- Cora Marrett steps down as NSF deputy director
- Funding review casting shadow over Portuguese research could cloud other countries
- Senate bill backs NSF's practices and calls for big funding boost
- Neuroscientists go to Washington - as advocates for science
- Spark for a stagnant search
- Amid growing concern over head injuries, California limits full-contact football practices
- Director's blog: Mapping the risk architecture of mental disorders
- Science advisers should be supported, not sacked

Jul 25,2014

Webinar Recording Available: Communicating Your Science to the Non-Expert

Learn how to develop a short but informative way to communicate your research to a non-scientific audience and read the Twitter conversation that accompanied the webinar.

Jul 22,2014

Save the Date: American Brain Coalition Webinar on BRAIN Initiative

Register for the webinar on July 31 to receive an update on the BRAIN Initiative.

Audience at an annual meeting lecture.

Jul 22,2014

Advance Registration and Housing Open

Register now to get the best rates and secure housing for the meeting.

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Jul 18,2014

SfN Resources Help Members Navigate Career Paths, Funding Challenges

With increased pressure on funding in labs, SfN is increasing its online offerings to help neuroscientists at every career stage.

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Jul 17,2014

Spring Council Roundup

The SfN Council met May 19-20 in Washington, DC, for its annual spring meeting and discussed member values, new programming, international eligibility for officer elections, and more.

Crowds gather on the poster floor at the SfN annual meeting.

Jul 16,2014

Advance Your Career and Learn About the Latest Scientific Developments

Join fellow neuroscience researchers, clinicians, and advocates in Washington, DC, on November 15-19 for Neuroscience 2014.

USA Science and Engineering Festival

Jul 16,2014

Learning About the Brain at the USA Science and Engineering Festival

At the third USA Science and Engineering Festival in April in Washington, DC, SfN hosted a booth that presented hands-on science activities to hundreds of attendees.

After several spins in which a roulette wheel landed on red, healthy participants and those with damage to the amygdala or the ventromedial prefrontal cortex were more likely to predict the next spin would land on blue. This effect was abolished in people with damage to the insula, who were more likely to choose red after a longer run of red.

Jul 16,2014

Inside Neuroscience: Exploring Addiction, From Origins to Treatments

Despite the increased risk of health problems, lost relationships, financial ruin, and even death, millions of people worldwide who suffer from drug and behavioral addictions cannot stop.

Pierre Magistretti, IBRO President

Jul 16,2014

Q&A: Pierre Magistretti, IBRO Works to Train Young Neuroscientists Around the World

Pierre Magistretti began his three-year term as president of the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) in January 2014.

Jul 11,2014

July 11, 2014 - This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- Scientists threaten to boycott €1.2bn Human Brain Project
- Discovery science powered, increasingly, by donors
- On tap: Funding, elections, dysfunction
- US military developing brain implants to restore memory
- R.I.P Portuguese science
- Consciousness on-off switch discovered deep in brain
- Your brain on magic mushrooms is actually similar to dreaming, brain scan study shows
- Probing brain's depth, trying to aid memory
- Invest in NIH research
- Not all plagiarism requires a retraction
- FDA urged to update regulations for informed consent

Poster floor at the SfN annual meeting

Jul 09,2014

Communications Policies: Protecting Your Science at Neuroscience 2014

SfN has polices in place to protect the science being presented at the meeting.

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Jul 08,2014

NSF Updates Opportunities for BRAIN Initiative Related Funding

Via a "Dear Colleague" letter, NSF shares new BRAIN Initiative related funding opportunities.

Jul 07,2014

Communicating Your Science to the Non-Expert: An Online Workshop

Participate in SfN's first interactive webinar and learn how to develop a short but informative way to communicate your research to a non-scientific audience.

Jul 03,2014

July 4, 2014 - This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- Can Europe map the human brain?
- Data check: U.S. producing more STEM graduates even without proposed initiatives
- French science needs 'smarter' spending, OECD says
- Secrets of the creative brain
- Noninvasive brain control is real - and that's good
- Q&A: Life after a PhD
- Basic research still the best bet to boost S&T innovation
- A thriving research sector is not just about the money

Jul 01,2014

Meet Your New Volunteer Leaders: Results of the 2014 SfN Election

SfN congratulates its newly elected officers and councilors.

Jun 30,2014

Biased Commentary on Animal Studies Examined

A blog post responding to an opinion piece in the British Medical Journal discusses the biases around animal studies.

Jun 27,2014

June 27, 2014 - This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- Brain wave hits California
- Safety groups target brain impact of headers in soccer
- CSIRO funding cuts driven by 'pure ignorance', says staff association
- Record numbers apply for Horizon 2020 first-round funding
- Universities in India continue animal experiments
- This is the brain circuit that makes you shy
- Science fiction come true: Moving a paralyzed hand with the power of thought
- Fix the link where science and policy meet
- Undermining a cornerstone of medical research - examining a biased commentary on animal studies

Jun 27,2014

Neuroscience 2014 Preliminary Program Now Available

Check out the Preliminary Program for an overview of Neuroscience 2014 scientific content, as well as registration and hotel information.