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Sep 15,2014

U.S. Requiring Airlines to Keep More Data on Incidents Involving Animals

Starting January 1, airlines must file reports for lost or hurt animals that are being shipped commercially.

Sep 12,2014

Sept. 12, 2014 - This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- House Republicans unveil bill to fund government until December
- Science research funding lags for local universities
- New public resource to help researchers explore country-specific requirements
- Former Portuguese banker gets top European research job
- U.S. science suffering from booms and busts in funding
- Brainy processing at your fingertips
- EXCLUSIVE: Nature reviewers not persuaded by initial STAP stem cell papers
- Science cuts 'fiscally irresponsible', Boyer lecture biologist says
- Air France accepts responsibility - without animal transports the European research space will be significantly disrupted
- Diversity in STEM: what it is and why it matters


Sep 11,2014

SfN Adopts New Identifier System to Improve Member Experience

To help scientists manage their research and coordinate their SfN membership activities more efficiently, SfN has joined with ORCID.

Laurel Haak, Executive Director, ORCID

Sep 11,2014

Q&A: ORCID Executive Director Laurel Haak

ORCID Executive Director Laurel Haak, who earned her PhD in neuroscience from the Stanford School of Medicine, explains how the ORCID system can benefit researchers in the following Q&A with SfN.

Sep 08,2014

How Much Does the Public Support Animal Research?

A new survey shows that a sizable majority of the public continues to support the use of animals in research.

Sep 08,2014

Policy and Advocacy Events at Neuroscience 2014

Interested in science policy and advocacy? Consider attending these events and start planning your itinerary.

Sep 05,2014

Sept. 5, 2014 - This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- Roundtable envisions better future for U.S. health care innovation
- September is National Biosafety Stewardship Month
- Medical research would be 'eroded and lost' by Scottish independence
- Female Alzheimer's researchers unite to push for equality, sex-specific studies
- Life outside the lab: The ones who got away
- Why null results rarely see the light of day
- Neuroscience: Where is the brain in the Human Brain Project?
- Closing the science gap

Generic Slider Image with SfN Logo

Sep 03,2014

SfN’s Neuroscience Scholars Program wins ASAE’s Summit Award

SfN received a 2014 Power of A Summit Award from the American Society of Association Executives, in recognition of its Neuroscience Scholars Program.

Sep 02,2014 Blog: Funding Research with Ice Buckets and Coffee Money

A new post on the blog by Dwayne Godwin details why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, while staggering in its success, is not a substitute for government funding for research.

Sep 02,2014

Learn More About Careers Beyond the Bench

Watch video from the Careers Beyond the Bench workshop to learn about career trajectories of individuals in non-academic settings.

Sep 01,2014

Call for Posters: Promote Your Education Outreach at Neuroscience 2014

Share your ideas, initiatives, and successes in neuroscience education outreach by presenting a poster at the Brain Awareness Campaign event at Neuroscience 2014.

Crowd at annual meeting exhibit

Aug 29,2014

Browse This Year's Exhibitors

My Neuroscience Marketplace is a virtual directory of Neuroscience 2014 vendors.

Aug 29,2014

Aug. 29, 2014 - This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- Research funding cuts to top $6 billion, Labor says
- How tech could spell the end of animals in drugs testing
- Animal welfare accreditation questioned
- NIH to probe racial disparity in grant awards
- How movies manipulate your brain to keep you entertained
- Study finds that brains with autism fail to trim synapses as they develop
- Commentary: A looming crisis in medical research
- Pouring water on opponents of animal research

Aug 28,2014

A Guide to Journal Publishing: How to Get Published in a Research Journal

Gain insight into journal publishing and learn more about emerging trends, such as open-access journals.

eNeuro Logo

Aug 26,2014

Submit Your Science to eNeuro Today

The Society for Neuroscience is now accepting submissions to its new open-access journal, eNeuro.

Aug 25,2014

Workshop on the Transportation of Research Animals

The ILAR Roundtable will hold a free workshop to explore issues related to the transportation of research animals on September 3-4.

Aug 22,2014

Aug. 22, 2014 - This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- NSF awards $10.8 million in early concept grants for brain research
- Benefunder to launch new funding channel for higher education research
- CBO expects no further across-the-board cuts this fiscal year
- Iran's moderate president loses a minister-and some momentum for reform
- Stephen F. Heinemann, Salk pioneer in brain disease research
- Peek into brain shows how kids learn math skills
- Abbott wins $19.5 million contract to develop brain injury test
- Who governs science?
- The curious incident of the fly in the night
- Ice bucket challenge underscores damaging cuts to federal NIH funding

Aug 20,2014

NSF Announces EAGER Awards

The National Science Foundation awarded $10.8 million in Early Concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER) to fund projects developing new neurotechnologies.

Aug 18,2014

Back to School: Outreach Opportunities

Help local educators teach about the brain this school year by joining the Find a Neuroscientist network.

Aug 15,2014

Aug. 15, 2014 - This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- UK grants Chile matching funds for program on scientific research and innovation
- International Brain Bee winner announced
- Scientists have created the most realistic fake brain tissue ever
- In the brain, memories are inextricably tied to place
- U.S. fast-tracking process toward human testing of Ebola vaccine
- Nepal 'still struggling' to harness science for development
- I believe in animal research. But it's time to draw a line