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Jan 30,2015
Read advocacy news from the week of Jan. 30, 2015.
Jan 23,2015
Read advocacy news from the week of Jan. 23, 2015.
Dora Angelaki
Jan 22,2015

Dora Angelaki officially began her tenure as editor-in-chief ofThe Journal of Neuroscience on January 1.

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Jan 21,2015
Longtime SfN member and leader John Morrison took the helm as editor-in-chief of on January 1. 
Jan 16,2015
Read advocacy news from the week of Jan. 16, 2015.
Ralph W. Gerard Prize in Neuroscience - Richard Tsien. Presented by 2014 SfN President Carol Mason.
Jan 14,2015
At Neuroscience 2014, more than $500,000 in grants, prizes, and travel awards were given to deserving recipients who have advanced the field of neuroscience.
Jan 09,2015
- Science advocates decry lack of representation in Congress
- Pyne steps back on grants audit
- Brainstormers: Obama’s big research push kicks off with a meeting of the minds
- Hopkins president Daniels urges investment in 'next generation of science'
- Where are Canada's PhDs employed?
- Limiting rest is found to help young concussion patients
- UK science is excelling, but are we funding the wrong projects?
- For better brain health, reason to celebrate
Jan 02,2015
- India unveils new open access policy
- Members of Congress request investigation into U.S. monkey lab
- Lawmakers fear threat of sequestration in 2015
- A standard for neuroscience data
- Does journal peer review miss best and brightest?
- Open access 2014: A year that data cracked through secrecy and myth
- Your brain on games
- Time for the social sciences
- How trustworthy is published science?
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Jan 02,2015
Join eNeuro’s roster of top-notch authors by submitting your work today.
Dec 26,2014
- Overhaul of Dutch funding agency triggers uproar 
- Court declares captive orangutan is "non-human person"
- Science and Innovation Strategy offers little New Year's resolution 
- The retraction war 
- Free access to science research doesn't benefit everyone 
- Does smartphone use smarten up the brain?
- My view: Funding for the future 
- A worthy New Year's resolution for the new Congress
Dec 19,2014
- Obama signs $1.1 trillion government spending bill
- Poll: Majority supports ending sequestration
- Science Europe warns over research funding
- Scientists have a sharing problem
- Paralyzed woman can now lift objects with her mind-controlled robotic arm
- Birdsong and human speech turn out to be controlled by the same genes
- This Is How Music Can Change Your Brain
- NIH grant process boosts science through peer review
- Guest opinion: Foreign scientists, engineers needed
Dec 12,2014
- NSF's 2015 budget: A small increase and a big pat on the back
- Within NIH's flat 2015 budget, a few favorites
- Academics unimpressed with Ottawa's new research fund
- Failing forward: The slow process of searching for cures
- Doctoral degrees increased last year, but career opportunities remained bleak
- New postdoc report covers familiar ground
- Mice injected with human brain cells get smarter, scientists say
- 10 ways that brain myths are harming us
- Defending Graduate Education
Dec 11,2014
Apply now for this year-long program for early career scientists interested in science policy and advocacy.
Bryan Voltaggio, noted chef, restaurateur, and Top Chef contestant.
Dec 09,2014

"Food for Thought: Tastes, Aromas, and Memories of Food"

Dec 05,2014
– Deal to avert a shutdown?
– House could consider omnibus next week
– E.U. Commission wants to divert Horizon 2020 money into new fund
– NSF updates transparency and accountability practices
– Football head impacts can cause brain changes even without concussion
– Pain and itch neurons grown in a dish
– Speech science: Tongue twisters and Valley Girls
– What do young scientists want?
– How science suffers during government shutdown
– Memo to Congress: Stop fighting scientific research
– Opinion: On "Funding Research in Africa"
Nov 25,2014
- Republican Steering Committee recommends House committee chairs for 114th Congress
- Who will hold science's purse strings in new House?
- Science gets a nod in Obama's immigration plans
- New special report highlights NSF-funded broader impacts
- A vital brain structure was forgotten for 100 years because scientists couldn't agree
- 'Emotional map' reveals where human body feels gentle touch
- Alzheimer's test detects disease decade ahead of onset
- Cutting calories slows aging, new study finds
- Electrical scalp device can slow progression of deadly brain tumors
- Reproducibility issue may be science's growing pains
- The rules of replication
- New GOP leaders embrace science but don't hug trees
- Seventy years ago this week, a science policy milestone
- The Shrinking World of Ideas
Lecture hall at the SfN annual meeting
Nov 19,2014
More than 31,000 researchers, clinicians, and advocates traveled to Washington, DC, to take part in Neuroscience 2014.
Nov 14,2014
- Science adviser role in the new European Commission in limbo
- House Dems urge leaders to increase NIH funding
- Why congressional Republicans want to cut social science research funding
- Universities blast congressional probe of NSF grants
- Learning how little we know about the brain
- Brain's taste secrets uncovered
- The brains of marijuana users are different, especially if they start young
- Can big government solve the mysteries of Autism and Alzheimer's Disease?
- Poised for big breakthroughs, US scientists find dwindling support
- How to study the brain
eNeuro Logo
Nov 13,2014
eNeuro is an innovative open-access journal that publishes high-quality, broad-based, peer-reviewed research focused solely on the field of neuroscience.
Image of the welcome sign from an early SfN meeting.
Nov 13,2014
Are you curious about the Society for Neuroscience’s long and storied history? How has SfN shaped the field of neuroscience? Learn all about SfN’s first 25 years, from 1969-1995, in a new online interactive experience.
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