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Lecture hall at the SfN annual meeting

Nov 19,2014

Neuroscience 2014 Attendees Share Science From Around the Globe

More than 31,000 researchers, clinicians, and advocates traveled to Washington, DC, to take part in Neuroscience 2014.

A crowd gathers around an exhibit at SfN's annual meeting.

Nov 15,2014

Exhibit Hall Opens Today

See demonstrations, compare products, and save time by placing orders while you’re here.

Nov 14,2014

This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- Science adviser role in the new European Commission in limbo
- House Dems urge leaders to increase NIH funding
- Why congressional Republicans want to cut social science research funding
- Universities blast congressional probe of NSF grants
- Learning how little we know about the brain
- Brain's taste secrets uncovered
- The brains of marijuana users are different, especially if they start young
- Can big government solve the mysteries of Autism and Alzheimer's Disease?
- Poised for big breakthroughs, US scientists find dwindling support
- How to study the brain

Image of the welcome sign from an early SfN meeting.

Nov 13,2014

Learn the Story of SfN’s Creation

Are you curious about the Society for Neuroscience’s long and storied history? How has SfN shaped the field of neuroscience? Learn all about SfN’s first 25 years, from 1969-1995, in a new online interactive experience.

eNeuro Logo

Nov 13,2014

New Open-Access Journal eNeuro Launches With First Papers Published 

eNeuro is an innovative open-access journal that publishes high-quality, broad-based, peer-reviewed research focused solely on the field of neuroscience.

Chicago skyline

Nov 12,2014

Save the Date for Neuroscience 2015

Mark your calendars for SfN's 45th annual meeting, October 17-21 in Chicago.

Attendees listening to a lecture at the annual meeting.

Nov 12,2014

Get Bonus Day Registration for Neuroscience 2015

Bonus Day is an opportunity to register early and secure housing for Neuroscience 2015 a day before standard advance member registration opens.

Returning artists Kathleen Childress, Lia Cook, and Greg Dunn will be joined this year by Joni Seidenstein, Megan McGlynn, Audrius Plioplys, and Michele Banks in the largest installment of the Art of Neuroscience exhibit to date.

Nov 10,2014

Experience the Art of Neuroscience

For the third year, the Art of Neuroscience exhibit at SfN’s annual meeting provides artists with a venue to share unique and interesting pieces inspired by the wonders of neuroscience.

View of the Washington Monument in Washington, DC

Nov 07,2014

Getting Around Washington, DC

Complimentary shuttle service is available between the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and most official SfN hotels during the annual meeting. Washington, DC, also offers a variety of alternative transportation options.

Nov 07,2014

Nov. 14, 2014 – This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- What's in store for new Senate? Much of the same gridlock and grind
- U.S. Senate science panels will have new leadership in wake of Republican takeover
- NIH awards initial $46 million for BRAIN Initiative research
- Ministers promise basket of gifts for German science
- This is what your brain looks like on magic mushrooms
- What is it like to control a robotic arm with a brain implant?
- Tracking PhD career paths
- Journals unite for reproducibility
- Could digital badges clarify the roles of co-authors?
- What neuro-revolution? The public find brain science irrelevant and anxiety-provoking
- Academic science isn't sexist
- New paper asserting that sexism in science is over stirs the pot
- Science research needs an overhaul

Follow Neuroscience 2014 online.

Nov 04,2014

Stay Connected With SfN's Online Resources

Follow Neuroscience 2014 conversations online through Facebook, Twitter, and SfN's annual meeting bloggers.

Oct 31,2014

Oct. 31, 2014 – This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- After Election 2014: COMPETES reauthorization  - Should the government fund only science in the "national interest?"   - NIH proceeds with caution on sex balance in biomedical studies  - Scientists implicate more than 100 genes in causing autism  - Not just lazy: Chronic fatigue is real, new brain scans show  - When shared data is not reproducible: Science is broken–but it can be fixed  - Opinion: Separate training from research budgets  - Animal experimentation for medical research must continue, say leading academics

Public Advocacy Forum at the SfN Annual Meeting

Oct 27,2014

Public Advocacy Forum: Implications for Science Funding

The Public Advocacy Forum at Neuroscience 2014 will focus on the implications for science funding in an era of global brain initiatives.

Bryan Voltaggio, noted chef, restaurateur, and Top Chef contestant.

Oct 27,2014

Don't Miss Today's Dialogues Lecture

At Neuroscience 2014’s Dialogues Between Neuroscience and Society Lecture, noted chef Bryan Voltaggio will discuss how he experiments with flavor to transform the way his guests think about food.

Oct 24,2014

Oct. 24, 2014 - This Week's Consolidation of Advocacy News

- Neuroscientists speak out against brain game hype - The absurd claim that only Republicans are to blame for cuts to Ebola research - New antidepressant: Rapid agent restores pleasure-seeking ahead of other antidepressant action - See-through sensors open new window into the brain - Brain scans show cause of seasonal affective disorder - "I’m not a scientist" is a dangerous cop-out - Jeffrey Kahn's odd views on animal research

SfN member and neurologist Mahlon R. DeLong and neurosurgeon Alim Louis Benabid, recent co-winners of the 2014 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award.

Oct 21,2014

SfN Member Wins Lasker Award

SfN congratulates the recent co-winners of the 2014 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award, SfN member and neurologist Mahlon R. DeLong and neurosurgeon Alim Louis Benabid.

SfN President Carol Mason

Oct 20,2014

Message From the President: What's Next for Senior Scientists

In the changing landscape of opportunities in neuroscience, how can senior scientists approaching retirement stay involved in science in some way?

New neurons in adult hippocampus chart.

Oct 20,2014

Inside Neuroscience: Scientists Investigate Underpinnings of Social Behavior

During a press conference at Neuroscience 2013, researchers described the ways the brain evaluates interactions with others, copes with sudden changes in social hierarchies, and responds to social stress.

Generic Slider Image with SfN Logo

Oct 20,2014

SfN Wins Board Governance Award

The Society for Neuroscience received one of two honorable mention awards in the 2014 Prudential Leadership Awards for Exceptional Nonprofit Boards.

Poster floor at the SfN annual meeting.

Oct 20,2014

Annual Meeting Preview: Optimize Your Time at Neuroscience 2014

Neuroscience 2014 is an unparalleled venue for the sharing and discussion of neuroscience research.