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With the wide range of careers available to neuroscientists, SfN offers a variety of resources for many career paths.

Neuroscience expertise is important in many career choices, enabling neuroscientists to serve society in diverse ways

Academic science and medicine are major career paths. Others include education, biotechnology, public policy, science writing, publishing, philanthropy, and law, among others. The following resources explore experiences in a variety of career paths and settings. Visit frequently as new resources will be added regularly.

New - View the Careers Beyond the Bench Professional Development Workshop to learn more about career trajectories of individuals in non-academic settings.

Career Paths and Profiles

How are neuroscientists using their skills beyond the bench? Learn about diverse career paths, including videos from fellow scientists who talk about the rewards and challenges of their career choices. What’s a day in the life of a neuroscientist like in different careers? Learn more from colleagues who’ve made that choice. Here are just a few of the career pathways open to neuroscientists.

Career Pathways

Academic Research
Academic research gives neuroscientists an opportunity for lifelong learning in their area of interest. Learn more about a career in academia by accessing the career guide and watch Mary Morrison discuss her role as Assistant Professor at Lycoming College. See video and career guide »

Academic Administration
Academic administration offers diverse career options, including department chair, dean, and even vice-president or president positions within large institutions. Learn more about the career field by accessing the career guide and watch Joanne Berger-Sweeney discuss her role as dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University. See video and career guide »

Pharmaceutical Research
Research endeavors are collaborative in the pharmaceutical research field. Learn more about a career in the private sector by accessing the career guide and watch Bill Martin discuss his role in pharmaceutical research as senior director at Theravance, Inc. See video and career guide »

Program Management within Government
The federal government offers many opportunities in program management for neuroscientists. Learn more about these careers by accessing the career guide and watch Michelle Jones-London discuss her role as program director for the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke. See video and career guide »

Science Writing
The role of a science writer is to inform a designated audience about the latest research findings. Learn more about a career in media by accessing the career guide and watch Greg Miller discuss science journalism and his role as a writer for Wired MagazineSee video and career guide »

Science Publishing
A career in scientific publishing offers multiple options for a scientific communicator. Learn more about a career in publishing by accessing the career guide and watch Katja Brose discuss her role as editor-in-chief for NeuronSee video and career guide »

Secondary Education
Teaching high school can be a rewarding career choice for experienced scientists. Learn more about this career and watch Paul Cammer discuss his role as director of the Neuroscience Research Laboratory at Thomas Jefferson High School. See video »

Science Advocacy
A science advocacy career calls on neuroscientists to provide information and scientific input to assist with policy making decisions. Learn more about this career and watch Chris Schaffer discuss his role as a science policy fellow participating in the OSA SPIE Arthur H. Guenther Congressional Fellowship. See Video »

Featured Jobs

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