Art of Neuroscience

Location: SDCC, Ballroom 20 Lobby
Hours: Saturday, Nov. 9 – Wednesday, Nov. 13, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

2013 Art of Neuroscience Exhibitors

Lia Cook -
Description of Artwork:
Using self-portraiture as a visual base, Lia Cook’s current practice incorporates concepts of cloth, touch, and memory. With her use of a digital jacquard loom, pixels become thread as she weaves images and creates large works that blur distinctions between computer technology, weaving, painting. In her recent work, she explores the nature of the emotional response to woven faces in collaboration with neuroscientists and uses the laboratory experience both with process and tools to stimulate new work inspired by these investigations.
Booth #: 1

H. Kathleen Childress Designs -
Description of Artwork:
The Synapse© collection of fine jewelry was inspired by the power, mystery, and beauty of the neuron. One-of-a-kind designs hand fabricated in sterling silver, 18kt gold, and gemstones celebrate the special chemistry that makes us unique, yet universally connect the gaps between us all. Want to bring your own personal story to life? Collaborate with Kathleen on your completely custom, signature piece of jewelry art.
Booth #: 2

Greg Dunn -
Description of Artwork:
Greg Dunn received his doctorate in neuroscience in 2011, and has since devoted his career to exploring the intersection of art and neuroscience. Inspired by the microscopic vistas of the nervous system, Greg paints neuroscience themes in the style of Asian art while simultaneously exploring new artistic techniques borrowed from the laboratory. His exhibit will feature original paintings and print reproductions for viewing and sale.
Booth #: 3

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