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This Is How Music Can Change Your Brain

Source: TIME

Actively learning to play an instrument can help a child's academic achievement.

Brain-Like Circuits Can Mimic Pavlov's Dogs

Source: Inside Science

New transistor design emulates mind's plasticity.

Birdsong and Human Speech Turn out to Be Controlled by the Same Genes

Source: The Washington Post | Speaking of Science Blog

Dazzling Images of the Brain Created by Neuroscientist-Artist

Source: LiveScience

One artist's work captures both the aesthetics and sophistication of this most enigmatic organ.

Hunting Dragonflies Can Perfectly Predict Their Prey's Future Movements

Source: The Washington Post

Dragonflies are already known to be swift hunters, but new research shows that they aren't turning and diving in reaction to their prey's movements — they're predicting those movements before they occur.

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