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Artists 'Have Structurally Different Brains'

Source: BBC

Artists have structurally different brains compared with non-artists, a study has found.

Off-Season May Not be Long Enough for Football Players' Brain Health

Source: FOX News

The time between football seasons may not be enough for players' brains to recover from hard hits to their heads during games and practices.

Apathy Could Signal Brain Shrinkage in Old Age

Source: USA Today

A new study suggests that as people age, they should be aware of symptoms of apathy, which may indicate a decrease in brain volume and possible brain disease.

Videos: A (Very) Close Look Inside the Zebrafish Brain

Source: National Geographic Phenomena Blog

Eric Betzig of HHMI’s Janelia Farm Research Campus reports a new technology that dramatically sharpens microscopic images of neurons in a zebrafish.

PET Scans Offer Clues on Vegetative States

Source: New York Times

A study found that a significant number of people labeled vegetative had received an incorrect diagnosis and actually had some degree of consciousness.

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