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Neuroscience in the News

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Myths about the Brain 'Hamper Effective Teaching'

Source: The Telegraph

Research published today suggests that widely believed myths about neuroscience are being used to justify classroom practice that has "no educational value".

Walking for a Better Brain

Source: The Atlantic

When a 70-year-old man walked the length of the United States in 1909, he sparked a conversation that ultimately changed medicine's ideas about the value of exercise in old age. Wayne Curtis.

Magnetic Stimulation Gains in Depression Treatment

Source: Chicago Tribune

A machine that sends magnetic pulses into a patient's brain has become the new frontier of depression treatment.

Spiders Break through Our Blind Spots

Source: Inside Science

Humans may have evolved a visual spider “template” to warn us of danger.

Smell Turns Up in Unexpected Places

Source: New York Times

A team of biologists has found that our skin is bristling with olfactory receptors.

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