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Strange New Type of Brain Cell Discovered

Source: LiveScience

In these cells, the signals skip the cell body altogether, instead traveling along an axon that projects directly from one of the dendrites.

The Biology of Altruism: Good Deeds May Be Rooted in the Brain

Source: NPR Shots Blog

Angela Stimpson donated a kidney to a complete stranger. Why did she do it? Researchers found that the brains of Stimpson and other altruists are sensitive to fear and distress in a stranger's face.

Brain Study Provides Clues at How Fibromyalgia Works

Source: FOX News

Brain scans show that people with the pain disorder fibromyalgia react differently to what others would consider non-painful sights and sounds, new research suggests.

UW Research on Brain Activity Delivers Lessons on How Kids Learn

Source: The Seattle Times

Scientists at the University of Washington are figuring out what happens as children learn — and how to assist those who struggle.

Do Violent Movies Cause Aggression? The Answer May Depend

Source: NBC News

New research suggests violent movies might enhance aggression only in those already prone to it.

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