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'Big Brain' Gene Found in Humans, Not Chimps

Source: LiveScience

New research suggests that a single gene may be responsible for the large number of neurons found uniquely in the human brain. 

Five Things Alice in Wonderland Reveals about the Brain

Source: BBC

Lewis Carroll’s popular tales contain some hidden truths about the human brain that are still inspiring neuroscientists to this day. 

Even Bumblebees 'Merge' Their Memories

Source: Los Angeles Times

A study of bees suggests that merging memory may be a way of saving brain space.

Researchers Warn on Anesthesia, Unsure of Risk to Children

Source: New York Times

Experts said that parents and their doctors should consider how urgently surgery is required for children younger than 3 years.

How Stephen Hawking, Diagnosed with ALS Decades Ago, Is Still Alive

Source: The Washington Post

The ALS Association says the average lifespan of someone diagnosed with the condition is between two and five years.

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