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Brain Mapping

Source: MIT Technology Review

A new map, a decade in the works, shows structures of the brain in far greater detail than ever before, providing neuroscientists with a guide to its immense complexity.

Brain Control in a Flash of Light

Source: New York Times

Karl Deisseroth is among a group of scientists who have been working on a way to turn brain cells on and off using genetic engineering and light.

Magnifying the Body May Reduce Pain

Source: Inside Science

In healthy people, seeing an enlarged hand lessened the subjective experience of pain.

Meaningful Activities Protect the Brain from Depression

Source: The Atlantic

A new study of adolescents found that those who derive joy from selfless deeds were less likely to be depressed over time.

Animals with Bigger Brains Have More Self-Control

Source: LiveScience

Researchers found that animals with larger brains, or more complex diets, had greater self-control.

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