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Try This Simple Test Of Brain Health -- You Can Do It Standing On One Leg

Source: Forbes

Once in a while, brain research dishes out a simple, practical way to run a self-diagnostic test on your brain’s health.

Imagination and Reality Look Different in the Brain

Source: LiveScience

It turns out that that reality and imagination flow in different directions in the brain.

The neuroscience of nostalgia — strong holiday memories explained

Source: Aljazeera America

How the brain stores sad, glad and bittersweet recollections.

This Brain Hat Helps the Paralyzed Make Music

Source: CNN

Ever since musician Eduardo Miranda met a patient with locked in syndrome 11 years ago, he has been on a mission to create a way for people suffering from paralysis to make music.

Does Smartphone Use Smarten up the Brain?

Source: Los Angeles Times

Swiss researchers used smartphone data to track how finger use changed the brain.

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