The Journal of Neuroscience


23 August 2017

  • Modeling Place Cell Remapping and Grid Realignment
  • Statistical Power in Human Neuroscience Studies


  • Temporal Processing in the Visual Cortex of the Awake and Anesthetized Rat

  • The activity pattern and temporal dynamics within and between neuron ensembles are essential features of information ...

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SfN Member Hosts Lab Tour for Senate Staffer to Showcase Value of Research

SfN member Christopher Cowan and his colleagues at the Medical University of South Carolina hosted an interactive lab tour earlier this month.

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Teen Highflier Wins 2017 U.S. and World Brain Bees

This year, 15-year-old Sojas Wagle added more successful endeavors to his list: winning the U.S. and World Brain Bees.

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Source: Society for Neuroscience
Interneurons play a key role in passing messages to and from the brain.

Neuroscience in the News

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Ultra-Small Antennas Point Way to Miniature Brain Implants

Source: Nature

Radio-wave receivers shrunk to one-hundredth their original size.

Here's Why Your Brain Doesn't Want To Tackle Big Projects In The Afternoon

Source: Forbes

A new study gives us another way to explain the drain, and it’s all about rewards. Specifically, the brain’s focus on seeking rewards, which fuels our motivation, goes on hiatus around midday.

More Evidence Contact Sports Can Affect the Brain

Source: HealthDay

Playing contact sports like football or ice hockey can alter the structure and function of the brain, Canadian researchers report.

Primate Brains Made To See Old Objects as New Again

Source: The Scientist

Optogenetic stimulation of the perirhinal cortex can cause macaques to process never-before seen-objects as familiar and known objects as brand new.

China Launches Brain-Imaging Factory

Source: Nature

Hub aims to make industrial-scale high-resolution brain mapping a standard tool for neuroscience