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Smell Test Helps Spot Brain Trauma in Combat Zones, Study Says

Source: U.S. News & World Report

The findings suggest that doctors in combat zones could use smell tests to help identify soldiers who require immediate brain scans, thereby improving frontline care of those with blast injuries, the researchers said.

Can Parental Training Improve the Course of Autism?

Source: The Guardian

A new study tests a controversial idea: that the everyday interactions between caregiver and child can change the way autism develops. 

When HIV Infects the Brain

Source: The Atlantic

A new study reports that the virus can infiltrate the central nervous system within months of infection.

How Brainy Are You about Brains? A Neuroscience Quiz.

Source: The Washington Post

We have a winner in the 2015 USA National Brain Bee Champion: Soren Christensen, a ninth-grader at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Va. Here are some of the questions he had to answer -- plus practice questions.

Stems Cells Finally Deliver, But Not on Their Original Promise

Source: NOVA

In their investigations into the potential therapeutic functions of stem cells, scientists have discovered another way to help those suffering from neurodegenerative and other incurable diseases.

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