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Thirst 'On/Off' Switch Found in Mouse Brain

Source: Discovery News

In a new study, scientists used laser light to activate groups of neurons in the brains of mice.

Being Neglected Harms Brain Development in Kids

Source: TIME

Childhood neglect leads to harmful changes in the brain, a new study says.

The Science behind Brain Farts

Source: Mashable

The brain fart not only has a real name, there's a science to overcoming it.

Hard Search for Less Invasive Brain Surgery Leads to Eyelid

Source: FOX News

Less invasive brain surgery isn't common but surgeons are working out different ways to get to tumors, aneurysms and other problems without as much trauma in hopes that patients recover faster.

Is It True That the Pill Causes Brain Tumors?

Source: The Guardian

Contraceptive use is very common, and brain tumors are very rare, so when a study finds an association between the two, understanding the risk is key.

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