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Source: Society for Neuroscience

A neuroscientist describes how a friend's attempted suicide motivated her to use her knowledge of physics to study the brain. 

Source: Dana Foundation
Possible links between impaired hearing and loss of cognitive abilities raise the tantalizing possibility that restoring hearing could slow cognitive decline.
Source: Science Friday
Unraveling the speech patterns behind tongue twisters and Valley girls ... and boys.
Source: Society for Neuroscience
To fully appreciate brain function, scientists are studying what’s going on in various brain regions, and how these regions connect and communicate.
Source: Society for Neuroscience
Peering into the brains of people as they sing, brainstorm, and play is guiding neuroscientists to new insights into the neural underpinnings of creativity.
Having a bigger brain does not guarantee more cognitive power.

Recent Neuroscience in the News

Source: The Washington Post
Date: 17 Dec 2014

A new eye-tracking technology using music videos points to a fast new way to assess brain injuries, according to a new study.

Source: The Washington Post | Speaking of Science Blog
Date: 17 Dec 2014
Jan Scheuermann has been paralyzed from the neck down for years -- but thanks to a cutting-edge robotic arm, she can move and lift things with impressive dexterity.
Source: TIME
Date: 16 Dec 2014

Actively learning to play an instrument can help a child's academic achievement.

Source: Inside Science
Date: 15 Dec 2014

New transistor design emulates mind's plasticity. on Facebook

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