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Source: Smithsonian Digital Studio
This video from Smithsonian explains the sweet science behind our sense of taste.
Source: Dana Foundation
Researchers are teasing out brain areas and networks that respond to threats, real and imagined.
Source: Society for Neuroscience

Research into how myelin insulates nerves is shedding light on diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Source: Society for Neuroscience
Studying the structure of neurons in the eye may help scientists prevent blindness due to glaucoma.
Source: TED
Neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert starts from a surprising premise: the brain evolved, not to think or feel, but to control movement.
Source: Society for Neuroscience
Get involved in Brain Awareness Week with these ideas and resources!

Recent Neuroscience in the News

Source: The Atlantic
Date: 26 March 2015
A new study reports that the virus can infiltrate the central nervous system within months of infection.
Source: U.S. News & World Report
Date: 26 March 2015
The findings suggest that doctors in combat zones could use smell tests to help identify soldiers who require immediate brain scans, thereby improving frontline care of those with blast injuries, the researchers said.
Source: The Guardian
Date: 26 March 2015

A new study tests a controversial idea: that the everyday interactions between caregiver and child can change the way autism develops. on Facebook

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