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Source: Society for Neuroscience
Scientists studying olfaction have learned how our sense of smell works and discovered that it might be more sophisticated than previously thought.
Source: Society for Neuroscience
In the developing nervous system, molecular signals determine a neuron’s fate.
Source: American Chemical Society
Your smartphone addiction isn't helping you sleep. In fact, an obscure chemical reaction may be keeping you awake.
Source: Society for Neuroscience

Taking breaks and quizzing yourself are two great ways to improve your memorization.

Source: The Kavli Foundation

Watch a conversation with neuroscientist Christopher Lowry about the microbiome-brain connection.

Source: Society for Neuroscience
Advances in spinal cord injury research offer hope for recovery.

Recent Neuroscience in the News

Source: Discovery News
Date: 27 Jan 2015
In a new study, scientists used laser light to activate groups of neurons in the brains of mice.
Source: Mashable
Date: 27 Jan 2015
The brain fart not only has a real name, there's a science to overcoming it.
Source: TIME
Date: 27 Jan 2015
Childhood neglect leads to harmful changes in the brain, a new study says. on Facebook

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