Use your senses to strengthen the communication between neurons
You hear something that sounds like a lot of fireworks!
You smell a buttery, salty snack!
You see shades of light yellow. You see steam coming from many tiny cloud like shapes.
You feel a handful of tiny objects, they are almost weightless.
Upon tasting delicious popcorn, your brain is alight with activity.
Neurons Communicate With One Another To Give Rise To Thought
When the nervous system senses something, it sends that information to neurons in the brain using an electrical signal.
Every experience the brain encounters, whether it's during a walk in the woods, identifying a distant object, taking a pot off a hot stove, or recalling a memory, is processed through these electrical signals.
Synapses are chemical or electrical junctions that allow these electrical signals to pass between neurons and to other cells.
Changes in the amount of activity at a synapses can enhance or reduce its function.