Program Support

Support of neuroscience programs and awards is a strong demonstration of your commitment to advancing the field and provides your organization with valuable exposure to an international audience of colleagues.

Benefits of support may include acknowledgement in the Preliminary Program and Program, on, and signage throughout the convention center during the annual meeting, as well as verbal recognition at applicable events. Supporters may also be invited to the Presidential Reception (number of invitations based on support level).

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Presidential Special Lecture: $25,000/each

  • ACCME-Accredited
  • The highlight of the annual meeting, the Presidential Special Lecture Series is selected by the SfN president for outstanding merit and importance in neuroscience.

Special Lecture: $15,000/each

  • ACCME-Accredited
  • A series of high-profile lectures each representing a neuroscience theme.
Scientific Symposium: $15,000
  • Empirical approaches to neuroscience and society are presented.

Poster Sessions

Provides trainees the opportunity to present their research and make lasting connections with established neuroscientists.

  • Trainee Professional Development Awards Poster Session: $10,000
  • International Fellows Poster Session: $10,000
  • Diversity Fellows Poster Session: $10,000
  • Exclusive Support of sessions: $25,000

Educational Courses

Trains scientists in day-long courses focused on emerging topics and research techniques.

  • Short Course: $10,000/each
  • Exclusive support of all courses: $25,000

Mentoring and Networking Events 

Celebrates the achievements of neuroscience communities and offers attendees networking opportunities.

  • Diversity Reception: $10,000
  • Brain Awareness Week Campaign Reception: $10,000
  • Graduate Student and Postdoc Fellow Reception: $10,000
  • Celebration of Women in Neuroscience Luncheon: $10,000
  • Neuroscience Departments and Programs Reception: $5,000

Mentoring and Networking Event: $10,000
  • Neuroscientists lead discussions on a wide range of topics, including work-life balance, career transitions, and others in an informal, roundtable format.
Diversity Fellowship Mentor and Fellow Breakfast: $10,000
  • SfN’s Professional Development Committee members and NIH program officers lead discussions with fellows on their scientific progress and career goals.


Social Issues Roundtable: $7,000
  • Covers timely social issues of neuroscience topics that have an impact on society, particularly in terms of ethics or social awareness.

Animals in Research Panel: $7,000

  • Panel of experts discuss recent topics in animals in research.

Meet-the-Expert Series

Experts describe their research techniques and accomplishments in a personal context.
  • Individual Session: $2,000
  • Three Sessions: $5,000
  • Exclusive support of all sessions: $20,000

Professional Development Workshops

Designed to improve various aspects of professional skills at all career stages.

  • Individual Workshop: $2,000
  • Three Workshops: $5,000
  • Exclusive support of all workshops: $20,000


Ralph W. Gerard Prize in Neuroscience: $50,000
  • Highest recognition conferred by SfN to a scientist who made significant contributions in neuroscience during his or her career.
Young Investigator Award: $25,000 (Already sponsored for Neuroscience 2015)
  • Recognizes a young neuroscientist who demonstrated scholarly independence and distinguished research.
Science Educator Award: $10,000 (Already sponsored for Neuroscience 2015)
  • Honors two outstanding neuroscientists who have made significant contributions to educating the public about neuroscience.
Mika Salpeter Lifetime Achievement Award: $10,000
  • Recognizes an individual who promoted the advancement of women in neuroscience.
Trainee Professional Development Awards: Sponsorships range from $1,000–$50,000
  • Presented to deserving young scientists who demonstrate scientific merit and excellence in their research.

Program support maximizes your impact and exposure at Neuroscience 2015.

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