SfN is committed to supporting discovery and scientific dialogue, and to fostering a welcoming community in which all scientists are able to contribute fully.  The Society asserts that sexual harassment and other harassing behaviors have no place in a healthy scientific enterprise. We expect all attendees, media, speakers, volunteers, organizers, venue staff, guests, and exhibitors at SfN-organized events to help us ensure a safe and positive environment. At the convention center, onsite medical and security personnel are available directly or through the SfN headquarters office. 

If attendees experience unwelcome or unsafe situations anywhere in the city, attendees should swiftly contact local authorities (dial 9-1-1), and additional local social services resources are listed in one convenient location at the federally-endorsed website ChangingOurCampus.org. Any official report of sexual harassment should be brought to the designated Human Resources Officer in the SfN headquarters office at each meeting convention center, or sent via email to hrofficer@sfn.org. The HR Officer will facilitate the completion of a report by a complainant. View the entire Code of Conduct at SfN Events statement for more information.